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Throughout most of David Case's life there has always existed the theme of "travel."  This page explores a few of the aspects of such travel. 
Notably, getting there, and what it looks like when he got there..

Air --- All Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites 


For links to just about all railroads, and many nice pictures, try Cornelis J. Smilde's railway page.  (note:  this link is often unreliable) 

Airport Shuttles

Getting to New York Airports (General) 
American Livery Service
Carey International City List
Specific airports

Amtrak (US)

Bus Lines (US and Canada)

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
Peter Pan -- The busline that gives its schedule in .gif format. 


Canadian Passenger Rail Services VIA Rail Canada

DB (Germany)

Experimental query page 


RENFE (Spanish)

United Kingdom

Britrail Information from Britrail -- Somewhat slow (includes information on passes) British Rail Information from the British Railways board -- Somewhat better 

International trains

These are trains links that involve two or more countries. 
Eurostar -- The train that goes between London, Paris and Brussels. 
Rail Europe - fares -- Overpriced fares for European travel (available in North America) 

THALYS are big TGV-like trains between France, Belgium, and Holland. 

The Subway navigator is one of the best sites. Connects any two points in any city. See also GIRO

European Ferry Links

Shipping companies have a ways to go in terms of getting online. Indeed, it is downright frustrating trying to get information out of them. Note: although I have taken most of these lines
I have nothing to do with them. Please tell me of any correction, clarrifications or additions. Additionally, I am interested in knowing any progress people have made on hitching rides with freight companies... if you are interested, here is a list. Also check out the Ferry Network News.
Port of Aarhus -- Not necessarily passenger per se, but conieveably good info.
Brittany Ferries -- not much info 
Color Line Travel Center -- Going to and from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England
Condor Ferries -- Very little
Dane Sea Line -- Serves Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Astipalea Piraeus, Rhodes, Kos, Thessaloniki, Samos, and Cyprus.
Eimskip -- The Iceland steamship company (perhaps a way to get accross the Atlantic)
Ferry Crossings From Britain -- A nice table of where you can go by boat from England.
Ferries in Europe -- Another valient attempt at putting the boats on the web.
French ferries -- Some good non-web information in French about youths traveling on ferries.
Flygbatarna -- K0benhavn to Malmö in style (in Swedish) homepage. See also Pilen
Fylkesbaatane -- Norwegian Ferries
Hoverspeed -- England to France as fast as possible (well, almost)
Hurtigruten -- Norwegian Coastal Voyage
The Ferry Terminal -- For those who like to cross the channel a little too much.
Irish Ferries -- Ireland to France and the UK (no schedules to France)
Isle of Man Stream Packet Company -- To Douglas more info
Isles of Scilly Steamship Co -- Not much info, but try this page and by mail
Italian Ferries -- Some timetables and information on Italian ferries
NordöLink -- Malmöto Travemünde.
Norse Irish Ferries -- Belfast to Liverpool
Pilen -- K0benhavn to Malmi in style (in Swedish). See also Flygbatarna
Polferries -- Malmö to Swinoujscie
Protos shipping line -- they go around the world, and it might be possible to get a ride with them
Scottish Ferries -- If they are not Scottish, they are crap.
SeaFrance -- More Dover to Calais routes
Silja Line (in every language, but English): PicturesPS: The Silja line is cool
Stena Line -- They go everywhere
Torline -- Gothenburg to Immingham, Gothenburg to Ghent, and Immingham to Rotterdam
Truckline Freight Services -- Limited passenger services around Portsmouth, Caen, Roscroff, etc.
P&O European Ferries -- Dover to Calais; Portsmouth to Cherbourg, Le Havre and Bilbao, and Larne - Cairnryan.
P&O Scottish Ferries -- Scotland to Norway
Swansea-Cork -- Wales to Ireland

Cool Travel Links

These deserve special mention. Although they may be trying to sell something, they provide information that is otherwise hard to come by.
Airport hints from Thetrip.com
Airwise -- contains some interesting stuff about airports. Mainly exists to sell tickets.
Arjen's aviation links -- Cool aviation links from the Netherlands.
Commercial Airline internet resources -- A guide to everything airplane related.
Cyber Adventures -- Interesting travel tales.
Flight Tracking from thetrip.com -- realtime data about where flights are
Flyte Trax Query System -- graphical flight information
GIRO -- links to transit systems, and other useful stuff
Europe through the back door -- Rick Steve's guide to doing everything cheaply (and though him.)
TheTrip.com -- Information about individual airports.
Transportation Bibliography -- Eric Payne's collection of transportation resources.
Travel Kiosk -- A nice collection of travel links, tips, and photos.


US Department of State

The US Department of State puts out two publications (?) that can come in handy in either justifying a trip or getting out of going on it. They are:
  • Consular Info Sheet -- visa and crime information
  • Foreign Entry Requirements.  The DOS finally got around to writing out a complete list off all the entry requirements for US citizens.  It might be slightly inaccurate, but such is life.
  • Human rights reports -- Although this Congressionally mandated report strives for objectivity it is written with the knowledge that bad things said about a country will adversly affect its relations with the US. 


Everyone is always saying "READ THE FAQ." However, few people do. These lists of "frequently asked questions" provide more than enough information to tackle even the most annoying problems.
For advice on how to travel, consult the following FAQs:
Radek Adamec's travel tips -- Good packing list from Czech republic (includes pictures of Czech Airplanes)
Airline information on-line on the Internet -- Spells out exactly what is out there.
The Art of Travel -- More info.
The Air Traveler's Handbook -- FAQ posting for rec.travel.air lots of good information there.
Hitchiking FAQ -- Everyone says it is terrible, yet everyones does it.
Money Abroad FAQ -- Dealing with Money Abroad
Packing list FAQ -- rates how important it is to bring certain items
Round the World Travel -- People going around the world and subjecting us to the details.
Travelite FAQ -- Pack even less than before

Ticket services

Obviously, I have nothing to do with any of these services, and I take no responsibility if you get shot while on a trip provided by any of them. Furthermore, if they take your money complain to the Better Business Bureau, your credit card company, and sue them in small claims court. 
Air Discounts -- Neat, but they ask for too much information in advance.
All Flights Information System -- Cumbersome yet simply. This service is worth browsing because it links to the airlines rather than SABRE or other services.
Alls Supermarket of Travel -- Swiss travel agent offering last-minute specials and good rates to the states.
AMADEUS Flight reservations -- Direct link to SABRE's competition.
Coastline Travel Advisors -- Who claim they can get cheap airfares.
Cyber Travel Agent -- The ever popular flifo
Discount Booking System -- Neat interface.
Expedia -- Cheap fares, and notification of fare wars. You have to sign up, however.
Global express travel and tours -- Good deals on last minute stateside travel.
Global online travel -- Nice because it has a calendar
Mellow Yellow (British) -- A nice system of finding the cheapest fare (responds via email)
Reservations.com -- One with a "best fares finder"
Travelbug -- Another service, but services such as frequent flyer vacations!
Travelersnet -- Rebates 70% of their commission
Travel Pro -- Lots of travel information -- with good bookmarks.
Yahoo Travel -- Flifo


These services specialize in bucket shop or consolidator fares. With a little luck you can be flying for 10% of the cost of someone sitting next to you.
Consolidators On the Web 
Discounted air Fares and reservations (Netherlands) 
High Adventure Travel -- Good for round-the world travel
TISS -- In my opinion, the best source for all consolidators.
Travel Secrets
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