Dave's Law School Outline Page

These are some of my outlines that I used for Law School. I graduated, so I don't think I will be putting other ones up. Unless you are using them for a reference and creating your own outline you won't have a clue just what it is that I am talking about. If you think that downloading an outline off the web will really help you learn something, then you got another thing coming. Moreover, reliance on these outlines is not only stupid, in using them you agree to hold the writer harmless for all damages, real, imagined, potential, or consequential.

Some of the files are only in pdf format. If you need the reader, download it here.

If you are want to help me clean out my closets of law school-related books, see my Half.com or Ebay pages.

If you are intersted in some of my current projects, you can take a look at my scholarly publications page here.

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